Thursday, December 14, 2006

If you are behind on you Christmas knitting

Christmas Knitting
Twas the night before Easter, And all thru the stash
I’d finished last Christmas’ knitting, mailed it off in a flash
The socks were now finished, shawls completed and blocked
Done the sweaters full of cables and the hats that were flocked.

The project bags were empty, the needles – they were still
The bare spots in the yarn cabinets I saw with a thrill
I’d knitted and knitted and frogged a little too
As I’d struggled to keep up with what went to who

The bright wools and acrylics were staring me down
“I could have used that!” I said with a frown
The pattern books and magazines were stacked kinda dizzy
I tried hard to ignore them and their shouts to get busy

The needles they beckoned from their place on the shelf
“You really should knit something just for yourself”
My hands began twitching making the motions of the purl
As new ideas blossomed my mind started to whirl

My knees turned to jelly and I started to quiver
The desire to start something I felt clear to my liver
The plastic cards were a groaning as I gave in once more
So I shouted with glee as I headed to the yarn store

Buy cotton! Buy wool blend!
Buy silk and angora!
More mohair! More cashmere!
More alpaca and Noro!
To the display of Addis!
To the notions on the wall!
Now stash away! Stash away!
Stash away all!