Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finally, an update

My WIP List – update of this old list
1. Weaver’s mini shawl – measures fifteen inches and it is growing – worked on it some during vacation.  Has been finished for a while, and wearing it today, have already made another. 
2. Anniversary shawl – need to join new skein in an invisible way. Joined, finished, did not like, frogged, the yarn in the process of becoming a baby blanket.
3. Red shawl - made with brown sheep cotton fleece.  No progress, have not even looked at it for a while. 
4. Blue toe-up sock – on the foot, done with the toe increases.  Completed, gave away. 
5. Washcloths, always a washcloth.  Yep…
6. Wool shawl – my longest running project, simple triangle and very boring. I have been working on it for at least 3 years. I worked on this some a couple of months ago. The end is in site. Have been contemplating a border. Same spot as before.
7. Bulky sweater – about 8 inches into the remake of this. I made it once and had to frog as it was way too big even though I checked gage and everything. Too bulky for a carry along project. Hopefully I can work on it soon as I want to wear it this fall.  Still not finished.  Have been taking it to knit night and working at least one row. 
8. Highland triangle shawl – made with black silky wool. Not much progress on this lately, as it requires concentration and a good light.  Frogged.  The edges were not working; the pattern bored me in black.  Will probably try again in a different yarn and color.  But not any time soon. 
9. Cozy – made with KnitPicks memories sock yarn in the Easter color way. I am on the second all of yarn. Second ball color was off.  Project frogged.  Never want to try cozy again.  This yarn is slated to be made into an entrelac bag. 
10. Missy lace scarf – on the body and I think on the second pattern repeat.  Worsted version frogged. 
11. Baby blanket – definitely on the back burner.  Still on that back burner, considering frogging. 
12. Fluffy neck ring on the round loom thingy – doesn’t grow much cause I would rather use needles, but this yarn does not want to cooperate with needles so it went on the loom thingy.  Still lounging in the closet awaiting an inspiration to work on it. 
13. Camo hat about to be frogged since it came off of the needles in my bag. I don’t even remember this project. 
14. Bulky variegated shawl – finally found the yarn and need to get back at it. Will go very quick. Finished.  It generally is the shawl that is at my desk to ward off the a/c chill. 
New WIP List –
1.    Happy feet socks.  Easy take along sock project.  Supposed to be for me, want them to be taller so I can wear them with my boots. 
2.    Multi directional scarf.  Easy pattern, cheap yarn, mindless project.  Have several planned from other cheap yarns. 
3.    Baby blanket.  Was supposed to have finished last Friday.  Did not finish yet, had a yarn barf delay.  Rethinking whom to give it to. 
I have several things ready to start and even more things that have caught my interest.