Wednesday, October 25, 2006

WIP update

WIP UpdateI have a lot of things on the needles. So here goes the LIST….

1. Dead peacock scarf (red heart kiss that is terrible to work with but very soft. Very boring project)
2. Cozy – made with KnitPicks memories sock yarn in the Easter color way.
3. Highland triangle shawl – made with black silky wool. Not much progress on this lately as it requires concentration and a good light.
4. Wool shawl – my longest running project, simple triangle and very boring. I have been working on it for about 3 years. I keep finding other things I would rather work on.
5. Bulky sweater – about 8 inches into the remake of this. I made it once and had to frog as it was way too big even though I checked gage and everything. Too bulky for a carry along project. Hopefully I can work on it soon as I want to wear it this fall.
6. Missy lace scarf – I think it is still in a bag in there somewhere, on the body and I think on the second pattern repeat.
7. Missy lace shawl – just barely started.
8. Weaver’s mini shawl – measures eleven inches and it is growing as ity is my take to work for lunchtime knitting project.
9. LSSK birthday KAL star – made with dmc senso cotton yarn. About halfway thru.
10. Fuzzy scarf on size 35 needles that has been frogged back and reknit to the place I was at when I realized I had too many stitches.
11. Camo hat I just started last Tuesday and will probably be my Tuesday night project for a while.
12. Fluffy neck ring on the round loom thingy – doesn’t grow much cause I would rather use needles, but this yarn does not want to cooperate with needles so it went on the loom thingy.
13. Baby blanket – definitely on the back burner.

And I want to start a few things as I got the INKnitters and Knitters holiday mags this weekend. So my list may grow a little but it is much better than it has been in the past….

Till later from Decatur….

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