Thursday, May 18, 2006

Amazing Lace Team

To say that there are only two members of this team would be to slight Silky Wool with which the shawl is to be made. Silky Wool and I first made our acquaintance when I was looking for yarn for another shawl. It was not my first choice nor was it my first color. That is why I cannot slight it in this race. I will be depending on it to make us (the other teammates) look good. As its black loveliness twists and loops as demanded by Highland Triangle Shawl and as executed by me, we will indeed see that it will be the most visible member of the team.
The second and most demanding member if this team, is Highland Triangle Shawl. I first became acquainted with it after I received the book Folk Shawls for Christmas. As I glanced thru the pages, it spoke to me. I looked at the pattern and thought “too hard, too much”, but it continued to call my name. Silky Wool sat in the bag from which it had traveled home from LYS, begging to be used. The insistence of both together could not be ignored. I became excited as I watched the string go between swift and winder, winding into neat little balls. I quickly bound off a half-hearted project so I could use my trusty needles and cast on. The first row – I could not find the bar to lift, it was too tight and I did not have enough light. Out it came. A looser cast on and a row of knitting, got me thru a few rows, but my increases were still not right, so once again, we became three individuals instead of one team. At this point, Highland Triangle and I had a nice long talk and I wrote out the chart. Once we had come to an understanding, we began again to run. It was a proud moment to say “I have finished 22 rows!”, but the excitement was short lived as I found I was missing a stitch. Silky Wool had its revenge on me for past mistakes. We are currently at this impasse as I gather more supporting members of this team – lifelines and stitch markers.
My pep talk as team captain reminds them that even though our team has had a rocky start, we can do this. I will draw on my many and varied experiences with knitting to get them past the rough places, but they must trust my instincts. I remind them that I am qualified to do this since I have been leading teams such as this since I was a teenager. Yes, this team and race are unique, but we shall prevail.


Anonymous said...

great post!! I have Silky Wool in hot pink. Is that blue or black? Hard to tell.

We are going to have so much fun!!

Jennifer said...

just in case you need a shoulder to lean on, or wondering if anyone has a trick in thier bag in regards to the shawl:

I didn't reconize your name, so I'm not sure if your already a member of the group. We are ending a voting poll tonight on the next KAL from the book, but your not required to knit all of the KAL's.

I'm also in the Amazing Lace, and will be hopefully pulling 2 shawls out of the frog pond suring this summer.

Good luck this summer

Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

OK, I've seen your knitting and I *know* that you can beat the Silky Wool and the shawl - you shall be victorious!!! :)

Theresa said...

Sounds like a strong team!