Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Amazing Lace Poetry

Amazing Lace Poetry

When the room is somewhat chilly, I like to wear a shawl
I’m really not a fan of the “one style is good for all”
I looked and saw a square, looked again and saw one round
I looked and looked some more and this is what I found
A pleasant shape to look upon and void of beads and bangle
It’s one of Cheryl’s “Folks” in the shape of a triangle
The needles in my hands are smooth and never pull
Loaded now they are with black and silky wool
The end’s a far off distance I sometimes get dismayed
As stitch by stitch I go along till another lifeline’s laid
The small round markers slip across at barely snails pace
Till I feel as if I’m not competing yet in this Amazing Lace.


Debby said...

That's a great entry -- very creative! Good luck!

Theresa said...

Very nice!