Wednesday, August 02, 2006

God, Husband and Country...

I’ve known for a while I need to get serious about doing this blog. It is supposed to be about knitting, but my knitting time has been severely curtailed. It is also supposed to be about how I love God, husband and country. That can sometimes be a hard thing to put into words.

It is convention time! The Southwest Believers Convention is in full swing (see KCM link for more info). I have been listening to it during the day from the internet and going down each night for the evening session. My body I very tired, but it has been really good. Tonight DH should be going with me and tomorrow is staff day so I will get to attend all day. My favorite speaker for convention time is speaking tonight – JESSE!! He is so funny at times and can really make you think.

Last week we had special services at our church, but only were able to attend on Tuesday. The thing I remember about that was that it came…….to pass. Whatever is going on even though it came, it will pass.

DH and I have been working hard on fencing in our 10 acres and should be soon finished. It is solid rock in places as shallow as 6 inches under ground. Lots of “good quality time” spent together.

I love my country and am a veteran. However I am concerned for them. The Bible plainly states that whoever blesses Israel will be blessed and whoever curses Israel will be cursed. We need to continue to support them in their right to defend themselves and for their quest for peace in their land.

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