Friday, March 02, 2007

finally, an update

I recently won an ebay auction of wool yarn in the hanks that was extremely smoke-stink-strong. I could not tolerate even petting the yarn. I bought a cheap bag of potpourri from Wal-Mart that had a pretty strong smell. I poured a good portion of the chips into an airtight bag (with the yarn) and closed it securely. I left it that way for a few weeks and it now smells fine. I wound it over the weekend and had no problems with it.

We had pretty high winds over the weekend; Saturday was gusts of 60+. I sat in my chair by the patio door and watched the overhead power lines skip like jump ropes. Plenty of dirt flying around too. The doggies did not want to go out at all and I did not blame them. I only ventured out a couple of times to rescue things that I realized were blowing away. We lost 3 of our 5 hummingbird feeders that we had neglected to take down yet. Our security light appears to have lost either the bulb or the wires leading up to it broke. The power company is coming out to fix that. But the main loss was that the back side of our kinda barn blew out. We had wanted to redo it so now we have the reason to do it. We are not sure if our homeowners insurance would be of help (not sure of the breakdown of the outbuildings on the insured items and it if would be more than the deductible) so do not know if we will be making a claim yet.

I did get some knitting done on Saturday. I knitted the cuddly bunny in the DMC Senso on size 2 needles. It is white with flecks of pink and purple in it. I have to assemble it. It is only about 3 inches across so I decided to make a pacifier holder with it for a friend who is due in May. I just need to figure out an appropriate fastener to hold it to the baby. I did a couple of more rows on the wool shawl yesterday. I know it will soon be to hot to work on it, so I want to get it done. I so want to start another project. I really really really really need to work on the UFOs that I already have, but start-itis it really starting to bite me….

I found some metallic stuff (on clearance at HL for really cheap) that is like the Perl cotton for the Perditas, decided to wind it, did not think I needed the swift since it was so small of a hank and I had to wind it by hand as well. The first hank was fine. The second, my favorite, a sparkly dark royal blue, started to wind it, and next thing I knew it was a tangled mess. The metallic element made it almost impossible to untangle and by the time I did, the metallic filament broke. Wahhh. At least it was not expensive stuff…

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