Friday, April 27, 2007


Just a quick update about us and the storms that rolled thru Tuesday night. The bad stuff was either south or east of us. We were not without drama. When we left work, it was still dripping a bit and it appeared that the main storm had passed that area. We got about halfway home and traffic slowed to a stop. It started slowly moving soon. When we saw the area with the flashing lights, we saw that several people were being turned around but that others were being let thru. When we got closer, we saw that all of the trucks and SUVs were going thru but that the cars were being turned around. Since we now have a SUV with decent clearance, we were allowed thru. About a mile further up the road, the water was over the road at least 6 inches deep for about 10 feet of the road. We made it thru with no problem. By the time we got home, we were not even using the windshield wipers as the rain had stopped. We did get a little more rain and lots of wind before it was all over. If we looked out the back of the house, we saw an awesome sunset beneath the clouds. When we looked out the front of the house, we saw a double rainbow in the foreground but the dark storms on the back ground. The rainbow was really neat looking.

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