Monday, January 30, 2006

I've been quiet

Quiet Howdy. I know I have been kinda quiet, but I have tried to keep up with the reading. I seem to have no real direction with my knitting right now as it seems that whatever I try to do makes my thumb hurt. I have not picked up the CHAP for a while and will probably frog it. The felted potholder I was working on at the Denton knit nite and did the crochet around is still at the same stage as the crocheting hurt worse than the knitting did (and it needs another round of crochet to be finished). I started a new easy self fringing shawl on Friday, made from the bulky yarn that was supposed to be for a sweater. I am using size 17 needles and that seems to be ok for now. So that will probably be the project I work on till it gets finished or I decide to try to work on another project.

We have been working on the house to get it ready for a super bowl party for a group from our church. So far we have put up new mini blinds in the kitchen eating area (finally got rid of the yucky green ones!!!!) and cornice board (I think that’s what it is called) that I plan to cover with fabric. I also finally hung the curtains I have had for my kitchen for a year. I think I will be rethinking this since these curtains do not seem to be what I really want and that I cannot find them any more to get more pieces. We also cleaned the carpet in 2 of the rooms (they do not look any better, but they do smell nice).

The rain this weekend was really nice. There a few of the smaller cracks that have started to swell shut, but the bigger ones still look really bad. Sterling has found a way to get thru the skirting by the back door and under the trailer and out the front, so they have not had the benefit of using the doggie door till we can get new skirting that he cannot push down. They have the barn to hide in from the rain. So last night, he dug around one the gates and got out again. When I came to work this morning, he was safely ensconced in the laundry room, by himself. When will he learn!!

Till later.

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