Monday, January 30, 2006

WIP Update

WIP Update: "WIP:

Fuzzy mindless scarf – very boring, hard to make myself work on.
Sweater from bulky yarn – in the process of becoming a shawl.
Lace table cloth – may frog and start again with better yarn.
Wool shawl – a few rows farther that the last time I reported.
Baby blanket – finished.
Baby sweater – finished.
Striped sweater – do not like the way it is coming out.
Double knitting experiment – frogged.
Shell lace bookmark – frogged
Felted hot pad/oven mitt set. – Mitt waiting to be felted, one hot pad needing one more crochet around, one not started.
CHAP – halfway thru one pattern repeat, may get frogged.
As of Jan 30, 2006

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