Wednesday, July 20, 2005

In the beginning....

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I finally did it. I have created a blog. Most of the stuff here will be about knitting since that is my current main interest. So, here is the list of what I am working on.

WIP: Fuzzy mindless scarf
Sweater from bulky yarn
Lace table cloth
Fabric purse
Purse for felting
Wool shawl
Sweater (too big)
My dad’s boonie hat (top needs frogging)
Baby blanket (has been WIP for 5+ years)
Baby sweater (only needs seaming and buttons)
Baby cardigan (only needs seaming and border)
Striped sweater
Small purse (just needs felted)
Need to start soon: SIL shawl (I have the yarn and pattern, could whip up in a week)
My fancy shawl (need to wind the yarn into balls)
Something for DH

Recently finished: 1 hat, letter T (small coaster made from cotton ease)

As of July 20, 2005

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