Thursday, July 28, 2005


knitting and other odd thoughts

Good morning. The bookmark has been frogged. I finished all of the rounds, crocheted off for the loops, got all the way to where it was supposed to be finished and had 6 stitches left. I fumed and counted and fumed some more. Looked at it, contemplated it, then went to bed. This morning, I decided to work it out mathematically as I was SURE the PATTERN was wrong…could NOT be me…but then it came out mathematically correct. Then it dawned on me……”-Chain 7, slip stitch into next 3 stitches- ten times” said the pattern….and I had not done the slip stitch at the end of the tenth time. I thought about tinking, but with all of those bunches of stitches, I knew it would never look right if I even ever got it back on the needles (it took 30 minutes to tink and redo 10 stitches when I had dropped a stitch very early in the crochet off round). So to the frog pond it went. It is now rolled back up awaiting another try.

Psa 138:8 You will do everything You have promised; Lord, Your love is eternal. Complete the work that You have begun.

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