Tuesday, July 26, 2005

It was a good weekend.

knitting and other odd thoughts

Good morning. My Saturday was filled with cleaning up our house. We had allowed some things to stack up. My craft room now has another stack of mostly knitting magazines that I need to sort thru and put somewhere. That room is at saturation point, so before I can put anything more in there, I have to organize it. Sounds like a good winter evening project.

Sunday, we had planned to have a nice quiet afternoon at home with a leisurely grilled dinner. However, at church, we met a family from Cyprus (not the one in California, but near Greece). They are full time pastors there and were here on vacation. They will not be able to stay long enough for convention this year since they are going to be ministering at a family camp in Poland. We spent some time with them and went to lunch with them. It was close to 4:00 when we got home. We really enjoyed the lunch since both of us have been to other countries and it was interesting to see what God was doing in another country. It always amazes me to hear about the revivals that are going on in other countries. We hope to one day be able to travel to other places and see it in person.

Monday I frogged the new hat I had started, it was coming out too stiff. I was using 2 strands of yarn to make it thicker, but the one strand (I think it is Lambs Pride) was causing it to be stiff. I plan to start it again with some different yarn. I tried to start the bookmark, only to discover that the needles I had with me that day were too big for the yarn I want to use. So not much in the way of knitting to report.

I am actually going thru a reading phase. The interesting thing is I seem to be re-reading all of the old favorites from my favorite author, Grace Livingston Hill. My DH is amazed that I can re-read these books, some many times. They are fascinating since they are set in the first half of the 1900’s and the truths they portray do not go out of date. It is kinda hard to knit and read at the same time.

Last night I received my Creative Knitting magazine (http://www.creativeknittingmagazine.com/index.php) in the mail. There are a lot of really neat projects in there. I need to go thru it again with an eye on the stash. Then I need to finish a few things first and then treat myself to a new project.

Enough for now.

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