Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Howdy. I managed to do 5 rows on the SIL shawl yesterday. The rows keep getting longer since it is a triangle shawl. Should be able to finish in a few more sessions. I have to work on it at home now as it has gotten too large to be comfortably portable. I also did a few rounds on my sock yesterday. My goal is to finish 2 projects before I start another one. But in order to do that, people (like - a shell lace bookmark) will have to stop sending me links to things that are so cute that I start thinking about what I want to make them out of. How do you think it would look in a nice bright green?? Or would black or hot pink be better?? My WIP list is now at 13, and I want it to be back to the single digits, so I cannot start one more thing till I finish something. Can you tell I am trying to convince myself???

I guess I need to go and knit…

Till later.

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